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Trumpf Fiber Laser Cutting | Industrial Metal Fabrication Company


Top of the line Fiber Laser Cutting machines allow extremely precise cuts on Stainless Steel, Aluminum or Mild Steel.

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Stamping | Industrial Metal Fabrication Company


Utilizing an array of equipment, our skilled die setters and press operators can Stamp and Form Metal parts from blank or coil.

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Industrial Welding| Industrial Metal Fabrication Company


 Certified welders are proficient in multiple Welding processes at Valco. We also have robotic welding cells for
additional capacity and efficiency.

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Industrial machining| Industrial Metal Fabrication Company


CNC Machining Centers and trained operators provide efficient milling, drilling, and turning of various different materials in the most efficient manner possible.

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Industrial Forming | Industrial machining| Industrial Metal Fabrication Company


Four state-of-the-art Brake Presses, extensive brake
press tooling, and offline programing provide a wide range of
capabilities to meet your requirements and needs.

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Industrial Forming | Industrial machining| Industrial Metal Fabrication Company

Powder Coating

Powder Coated Finishes by A&E are an advanced method of applying a protective paint finish to a wide range of materials and products.

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 Industrial Metal
Fabrication and Design

VALCO takes your design through prototype design and onto final production.
We are a state-of-the-art Industrial Metal Fabrication Company with high-tech industrial equipment, operated by highly trained craftsmen with many years of fabrication experience.

From Design, to Prototype, to Production.


Industrial Metal Fabrication Company

Our staff includes seasoned professionals from various backgrounds including machine design, instrumentation design and lean manufacturing. Each brings a wealth of unique experiences to part production, which often leads to innovative processes that save you time and money.

VALCO invests in the latest technology including high-powered laser cutting machines that provide greater speed and flexibility to create blanks in record time. Plus, with our fully integrated systems we can take your design from CAD to production in a matter of seconds.

Parts Production
From 1 to 100,000+
for a variety of applications.

As a low-to-moderate volume parts producer, VALCO serves customers who need a single prototype and those requiring part runs of 5 – 1,000 pieces. For some of our customers, we produce up to 150,000 parts per year.

VALCO Industries is a leading Industrial Metal Fabrication Company in the tri-state area. Our customers include major suppliers of electronic and display cabinetry, truck accessories and replacement parts, specialized vehicles; fire trucks, paramedic vans, ambulances and street cleaners. We also serve the conveyor and sorting industry with parts used to build miles of automated systems that help Package Delivery and Grocery Distribution companies succeed. Other customers include makers of toolboxes, factory furniture, medical equipment and much more.

Let VALCO Industries, Inc. finish your manufactured parts with Powder Coating. Visit A&E Powder Coating for additional information

We have built a history of success since 1972.
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