Customer Testimonials

And Now A Word From Our Customers

We are keenly aware that our success hinges on the value we provide our customers every day. But rather than us telling you what we strive to do, here is what our customers say about working with Valco Industries, Inc.

Thank you for what you do and taking the time to do it the right way - instead of sending an invoice after the fact, which creates worlds of pain...I speak very highly of you and your team. Valco is one of my favorite suppliers to work with without question! Your team makes it sooooo much easier than other suppliers we utilize. –One of Amazon's largest suppliers of sorting and conveying equipment

Thank you to the Valco team!! Great work to everyone involved.  –Quality Assurance and Production Planning Manager, Midwest

We have picked up the paddle bars and with the two owners and the shop manager looking at the 4 parts, words of “those look excellent” “ those are great looking” “some of the best parts we have seen lately” were said… –Director of Purchasing, Engineering/Manufacturer of Separation Equipment, Central Ohio

I was very impressed with the way your facility has been laid out and how well organized everything was. Your quality performance is at 99.47% with a reject rate of .02% out of a total 15,561 units and counting production of 500 a week. Who would have thought this could happen with this product? Good job so far this year! –Senior Quality Supervisor, Floor Grate Manufacturer, East Coast

Valco has done an amazing job. We're looking forward to continuing to build our working relationship in 2015! –Account Manager, Metal Stamping Company, Central Ohio

I know there have been times that I would need product at the last minute and asked for you to do the impossible. With no questions asked you would always say "Don't worry. We will do what it takes to make sure you don't run out of material." I know you would not make that type of statement if you didn't have the FINE PROFESSIONAL works to back that up. Valco has never let me down over the many years we have done business together. I WILL NOT FORGET THAT!!!!–Purchasing Director, Manufacturer of Tools and Accessories for the Automotive Industry, Central Ohio

Over the years I have had the opportunity of having Valco Industrial Products as part of our supply team. We have worked together on a variety of start up and repetitive long term projects. They have always provided a low cost, good service, quality and timely product. I have always felt comfortable relying on them to provide their experience and resources to help through difficult times. This is a company with a good core of quality people. I believe this was most evident when they went through the tragedy of a fire and still managed to keep the company operating. They persevered through it all and still managed to provide support and commitment to their customers while rebuilding. My hat goes off to the whole team and I wish you all continued success.–Purchasing Director, Manufacturer of Electric/Electronic Packaging Solutions, Western Ohio

Much appreciation to you and your team for pulling together and getting these critical parts delivered, on time and right. It is instances like these that reinforce the decisions we all make to do business with those we know, like and trust. The Fontaine team and I personally feel that way about you and your folks at Valco. Thanks again to those all involved. I would appreciate your passing our thanks on to the machine operators and floor associates that made this happen as well.–Truck Modification Company, USA

I want to thank the whole Valco team for all your effort related to some Hot Stainless Steel Pushbutton Enclosures delivered from prototype to finished goods in three days. –Engineer, Electrical Enclosure Company, Midwest

Attached is the latest Quality Spreadsheet for 2013.  3,695 grates produced 0% defects.  I know this was a long process with getting these grates to meet our specificiations, especially at the beginning and just want to let all of you know that Valco has been doing an excellent job.  Keep up the good quality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.–Senior Quality Supervisor, Access Floor Manufacturer, Northeast USA