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We are very excited about becoming a member of the Certified Employee-Owned (Certified EO) organization. This is a nationwide organization that has over 600 member companies with over 200,000 employees, located in all 50 states and represents some 200 industries. Certified EO helps companies leverage the benefits of employee ownership and provides a certification that distinguishes them as such. To be Certified EO, a company must demonstrate significant and broad-based employee ownership, typically with at least 30% of the business owned by employees, excluding company founders. Valco is proud to say we are 100% employee owned.

The certification process by Certified EO is designed to amplify the voice of employee owners. It provides a wide range of tools and resources to help companies communicate the advantages of employee ownership, both internally and externally. Employee-owned companies are known to create life-changing wealth for workers, foster higher productivity, growth, and engagement, and contribute to a more equitable and resilient economy. By setting clear and trusted standards, Certified EO plays a crucial role in promoting and supporting the growth of employee ownership across various industries.

Valco is proud to be fabricating a critical fire truck ladder assembly and being able to partner with our first responder customers.